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Dolby has been an easily recognized name in home sound for a considerable length of time on account of its innovation showing up in everything from encompassing sound frameworks to gaming headsets.


  • The organization has by and large avoided creating its own items, be that as it may, rather than concentrating on improving fundamental innovation for use over the business. Presently Dolby has set out with its initial set of earphones, the Dolby Dimension.
  • These over-ear Bluetooth earphones are extremely expensive at $599, principally planned for audiophiles who need to tune in to films, music, and TV at home. They’re stacked with cutting edge sound innovation, including dynamic commotion dropping, head following 3D sound preparing, and a component called LifeMix that lets you effectively tune in to your environment and your media all the while.
Dolby Design
  1. Professionals: Fantastic sound. Agreeable. Effectively switch between three distinct gadgets. Dynamic clamor dropping with LiveMix for tuning in to your environment. Head following the 3D sound.
  2. CONS: Costly. No wired association.
  3. Primary concern: The Dolby Dimension remote earphones are worked for technophiles, with fantastic sound quality, commotion wiping out, head following, and the capacity to hear your environment and media in the meantime.
  • The Dimension earphones look easy to the point of moderate, with next to no visual pizazz or superfluous edges or accents.
  • The oval earcups are substantial and basic, with totally level matte dark plastic backs. The over-ear earpads are delicate, rich adaptable foam shrouded in supple artificial calfskin, which stretches out past the earpads themselves to totally fold over the sides of the earcups.
  • The metal headband is correspondingly cushioned and wrapped, with a level, dark metal spread running over the top.
  • The privilege earcup holds the controls, covered up by the moderate dark plan. Three embellished lines and a decorated hover sit in favor of the earcup, behind the correct ear. The circle flips the earphones’ rest mode, and the three lines relate to three separate Bluetooth associations.
  • You can relegate your telephone to the main concern, your PC to the center line, and your diversion framework to the top line and switch between them with a tap. Four lines of white LEDs sit covered up between the sides of the earcup and the backboard, illuminating to show which association is dynamic.
  • At last, the whole backboard of the privilege earcup is a touch-touchy control cushion. You can swipe all over to modify volume, left and ideal to change tracks, and tap to respite or play.
  • A miniaturized scale USB port sits simply under the touch board on the privilege earcup for straightforwardly accusing the earphones of the included divider connector and USB-to-smaller scale USB link.
  • In any case, you presumably won’t utilize that with the exception of if all else fails. Rather, two contacts on the base of the left earcup let you keep the earphones charged and settled in the included charging dock.
  • The charging dock is plain dark support that coordinates the earphones’ basic tasteful. The left earcup attractively adjusts the contacts on the earphones to the contacts on the support to keep them associated and charging.
  • The magnet additionally holds the earphones themselves vertically, tilted at a slight edge and effectively expelled for use. The earphones consequently go into rest mode when in the support and wake up when evacuated, interfacing with the last gadget with which they were utilized.
LifeMix and Active Noise Cancellation
  • Dolby packs heaps of cunning innovation into its first earphones. Its delegated highlight is LifeMix, a sound preparing innovation that utilizes outward-confronting amplifiers to quantify outside commotion and control it like dynamic clamor retraction.
  • In any case, rather than offsetting that clamor, LifeMix lifts it up and effectively blends it into the earphones, successfully giving you a chance to hear your surroundings without influencing whatever you’re tuning in to.
  • You can appreciate music or a motion picture through the earphones, yet at the same time, hear a train declaration or a doorbell, or answer anybody around you without lifting an earcup.
  • LifeMix is controlled through the Dolby Dimension application for Android and iOS, with customizable power from 0 to 11. At 10, the all-encompassing sound is gone through without modifying it, and 11 marginally lifts what comes through.
  • In the event that it grabs an excessive amount of sound for your preferences, you can dial it down until you just hear noisy clamors or somebody talking legitimately to you.
  • At 0, LifeMix just ends up dynamic clamor dropping (ANC) and squares out any outside commotion. You can likewise flip between your favored LifeMix setting and ANC by tapping the back of the privilege earcup twice.
3D Simulated Surround
  • Since the earphones associate with all gadgets over Bluetooth and Bluetooth is stereo-no one but, they can’t acknowledge an immediate encompass sound sign and procedure it straightforwardly.
  • Since the earphones are planned fundamentally for home use, that could have been a huge exclusion for such a high cost.
  • Luckily, they’re loaded down with Dolby’s horde sound handling advancements that transform stereo sound into reproduced encompass on the fly.
  • The organization has invested years managing this very issue, and the majority of that work has gone into the Dimension to create an encompass like impact through the two 40mm drivers.
Sound Performance
  • The earphones perform astoundingly well when tuning in to music, which ought not out of the ordinary given their cost.
  • They effectively handle our bass test track, The Knife’s “Quiet Sharp,” at most extreme (and hazardous) volume without a trace of twisting.
  • The bass synth and kick drum sound full and about head-rattling, yet pleasantly adjusted against the remainder of the track; is anything but a subwoofer-like sound, yet it’s satisfyingly ground-breaking.
Sound for Technophiles
  • Dolby’s first exertion at making a couple of remote earphones is in fact incredible. The Dimension earphones sound great and are pressed with trend-setting innovation in a quelled yet in vogue and agreeable plan.
  • For a $600 pair planned for home tuning in, however, the total absence of a wired association may dismiss audiophiles who incline toward the constancy of a wire (or the higher transfer speed of a dongle-based Wi-Fi set of earphones) over the comfort and simplicity of Bluetooth.
  • Devoted hello fi fans should look at less complex and increasingly conventional top of the line admission, similar to the Editors’ Choice Sony MDR-Z7, the Audeze EL-8 Open Back, or the Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro. Be that as it may, in case you’re attracted by their specialized ability, the Dimension earphones are unquestionably worth your consideration.

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